Redefining Resolution within Healthcare Organisations | A TCM E-Book

Redefining Resolution within Healthcare Organisations


We produced this E-Book as a referenceable guide for all NHS, Health and Social Care organisations. The aim of the book is to shine a light on the urgent need for the NHS and other healthcare organisations to reframe their current approaches for managing complaints, concerns and conflicts at work.

Throughout our 20 years' experience in supporting these organisations, we have all-too-often seen the devastating impacts of formal performance, disciplinary and GBH (Grievance, Bullying & Harassment) processes. The COVID-19 pandemic has put an unprecedented additional strain on our healthcare workers, and with up to 1/4 now considering leaving the profession, there has been no more pressing time to take action.

This E-Book provides NHS, Health and Social Care Leaders with a new approach for handling issues of performance, discipline, grievances and conflicts, including:

  • A tried and tested Resolution Framework™ to replace your traditional discipline and GBH (grievance, bullying and harassment) procedures.
  • A Transformational Culture to replace the prevailing cultures of extensive inaction, or expensive overreaction.
  • A unique portfolio of healthcare-sector-specific training courses to equip your healthcare staff to carry out their respective roles.

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